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Below are some possible IRT projects for EES Masters students, grouped by lab. Please note that the listed projects are just suggestions. Students are encouraged to come up with their own projects, especially in the later semesters.

Max Planck Institute for Ornithology Seewiesen

Bart Kempenaers Prof. Dr. Bart Kempenaers, Director of the MPI for Ornithology

Evolutionary Ecology

Justyna Wolinska Dr. Justyna Wolinska, Dept. Evolutionary Ecology, LMU Biozentrum

Evolutionary and Functional Genomics

Prof. Dr. John Parsch, Dept. Evolutionary and Functional Genomics, LMU Biozentrum

Systematic Botany

Prof. Dr. Susanne Renner, Dept. Systematic Biology, LMU Botanical Institute

Systematic Zoology

At The ZSM

Prof. Dr. Haszprunar, Director of the (ZSM) Zoologischen Staatssammlung München

  • Systematics (morphology) on aquatic insects (with Burmeister)
  • Systematics (morphology, SEM/TEM) on Orthoptera, Heteroptera, Hymenoptera (with Schönitzer)
  • Systematics (morphology, SEM/TEM) on Crustacea, Pantopoda, and certain Insecta (with Melzer)
  • Systematics (morphology, 3D & molecules) on opisthobranch Gastropoda (with Schrödl)
  • Systematics and evolutionary biology (mainly molecular) on teleost fishes (with Schliewen)
  • Systematics (morphology, bioacustics, faunistics) on amphibians and reptiles (with Glaw)
  • Systematics (morphology, SEM/TEM, 3D) of basic pulmonate Gastropoda and Mollusca in general (with Ruthensteiner)

At The Martinsried Haszilab

Dr. Martin Heß, LMU Haszi lab

  • 3D microanatomy of minute gastropods to clarify their systematic position
  • Bivalve development and phylogeny
  • Molecular taxonomy and speciation in terrestrial slugs
  • Functional (high-tech) morphology of visual systems (teleosts, molluscs, arthropods)
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